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One customer helped in the hour of need and well taken care of- could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising.

Boost your business integrity with helpdesk services from Xplore-Tech

To ensure the survival of your business in this competitive world, you must provide your customers with the best possible experience at every stage of their customer journey – especially when any technical issue in your product or device takes away their smile.

Most of your customers are not savvy with modern technology – or at least the nitty-gritty of it. So, when they face a technical issue, you should provide them adequate assistance and resolution to help them overcome the predicament and work on turning this negative customer experience with a positive one.

With Xplore-Tech as your outsourcing partner providing helpdesk solutions, you no longer need to worry about issue resolution and customer experience. With our experienced and knowledgeable technical team, we can quickly resolve any technical issues relating to your product, resulting in higher customer delight.

The right person for the right issue makes the solution seem easy

At Xplore-Tech, we categorize each problem depending on its complexity and open tickets accordingly. We assign our highly trained agents to offer technical support, depending on their technical understanding and expertise. Our ability to find the right agent for the right issue helps us deliver first contact resolution (FCR), which is essential to boost the CSAT score and brand loyalty of your customers.

Our high-quality L1, L2 and L3 support agents go through rigorous training to understand your product and procedures inside out. We also create a central repository of solutions to ensure prompt resolution of every technical issue. We always keep an eye on vital helpdesk metrics so that most of our customer interactions end on a positive note. Our helpdesk metrics include:

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  • Ticket Volume
  • Completion of Tickets
  • Response Time
  • First Contact Resolution
  • Agent Satisfaction
  • Ticket Distribution

Why chose Xplore-Tech?

With Xplore-Tech as your call center partner, you have a team of highly-trained helpdesk agents who provide excellent solutions to your customers, possibly at the first interaction. We have the best infrastructure with the latest technology available to you at a pocket-friendly rate. What sets us apart:

  • 15+ years of customer service experience
  • A technical team with in-depth domain knowledge
  • Multichannel communication
  • Multilingual benefits
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Proper ticket categorizing
  • First contact resolution
  • Greater customer satisfaction

Let’s talk about how Xplore-Tech can help you turn negative customer experience into a positive one with its excellent helpdesk solutions.

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