Customer Satisfaction Survey

Doing everything and anything is not what our customers want, but they desire to feel the change that we are trying to create.

Every Customer Is Important To Us

Customer Satisfaction is the essential part of the business. It is hard to find for business whether their customers are satisfied or not. Best way to find out whether the customers are happy or not are to directly ask them.

We at Xplore-tech conduct a customer satisfaction survey, and ask on our clients behalf whether they are satisfied with our services. How, when and how often we ask these questions are seriously taken into consideration.

Xplore takes their Customer Satisfaction Surveys seriously as it helps them to know what their customers want in near future. This helps to build long-term relationship. Positive feedback and constructive criticism are the areas that allot progressive changes to adhere customer satisfaction.

What Xplore Does To Ensure That Their Customers Are Satisfied?

  • Setting up a goal before we initiate a telemarketing call
  • Building a framework of questions by designing questionnaires is an integral process
  • Information collection through various sources like websites emails and phone calls
  • Scanning of the results generated and mapping it through data entry services
  • Data mining methods used and utilized through ANOVA and Correlation software
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We aim to keep our customers happy all through the long way. We are stick to the motto of 'Customer is the King.' For better service, explore us further.

What will you get to know when you will explore us?

  • Multilingual teams
  • Capability of serving American, European, Australian and Asia- Pacific Markets
  • 24/7 BPO services
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure and cutting-edge technology
  • Detailed project management and reporting services

With all this, we are ready to serve you from anywhere and everywhere.

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