There is a great piece of advice running in the global market and that is, "behind every successful company, there is a profitable customer, and it’s a fact."

Go Global With Outbound Telemarketing Campaigns

At Xplore-Tech, we have the resources, knowledge, and experience to help you extend your market with our telemarketing services. We follow all the industry best practices to ensure all our campaigns are clean, and compliant. We can create telemarketing campaigns that deliver high-quality results while maximizing your ROI.

Whether you need a telemarketing campaign or a continuing customer contact strategy, we can deliver both and ensure that your sales pipeline never runs low. Our comprehensive outbound offerings include:

  • • Appointment Setting
  • • Direct Sales
  • • Lead Generation and hotkey transfers
  • • Customer acquisition from a cold call and leads
  • • Cross-Selling and Up-selling
  • • Welcome Calls
  • • Win-back lapsed customers
  • • Product Recall
  • • Market Research

Our end-to-end telemarketing service encompasses everything from script, dialer management, data management, to new customer acquisition.

At Xplore-Tech, we can offer you telemarketing services in multiple languages, allowing you to enter a new market with a great advantage – the ability to speak the local language. We are a multicultural brand speaking English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Mandarin, and many other European languages. When you speak the native language of your prospect, they are sure to pay you more attention and come to trust your brand, resulting in more engagement, better sales, and higher ROI.

Why choose us?

At Xplore-Tech, we take care of your entire telemarketing requirements through inbound and outbound communications. We aim to deliver better results and a higher ROI in each of our campaigns. Here are a few things that set us apart from our competitors:

  • 15+ years of customer service experience
  • Deep domain knowledge of many industry verticals
  • Multichannel communication
  • Multilingual benefits
  • Cost-efficiency
  • 24/7 brand presence
  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Creating brand loyalty

Let’s talk about how Xplore-Tech can help you enter a new market with their telemarketing services.

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