While serving the global marketplace, the E-Commerce industry needs good telecommunication in order to succeed in the ever-changing economy.

In the age of severe competition and market saturation, E-Commerce business is more focused on the core areas of business. As a result, E-Commerce Services BPO solution has been successful in producing great result for this industry. With over an extensive experience in providing contact center solutions from its 9 delivery centers, Xplore-Tech Service has the operational expertise and e-business commitment to help E-Commerce businesses to succeed both in terms of revenue and cost-efficiency.

Our global agent model helps you select the right skills and services at the right price from our offshore contact centers in the Philippines and India. As per clients’ ever changing business needs, Xplore offers onshore and nearshore contact center solutions from its US and Canada based delivery centers.

With contact center solutions delivered in English, Spanish and French, Xplore offers you the best linguistic support to break geographic barriers to explore new markets.

Data Security Compliance: We are certified with Payment Card Industry's Data Security standards (PCI-DSS). It provides an actionable framework for developing a strong payment card data security process -including prevention, detection and suitable reaction to security incidents.

Our service offerings -

  • Outbound telemarketing
  • Inbound call response
  • Call forwarding service
  • Help desk solutions
  • Order taking
  • Order tracking
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Email follow-up
  • Lead generation
  • Promotional calls for product and services
  • Pre-sale support via chat and call
  • Claim management
  • Up-sells and cross sells
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