There is a great piece of advice running in the global market and that is, "behind every successful company, there is a profitable customer, and it’s a fact."

Go Global With Outbound Telemarketing Campaigns

Xplore-tech knows how to value their relationship with clients and businesses, seeking an expert touch surely need us beside them. We provide outbound telemarketing services that a business needs to launch/re-launch their products and services.

Xplore understand clients’ need, fulfill their unique requirements, and are able to prove their outsourcing approach across verticals and horizontals.

Xplore will assist you with highly experienced telemarketing programs to design, manage and implement truly customized and flexible customer centric telemarketing campaigns that are able to meet their business objectives.

We are leading the telemarketing industry for 8 years and pledge to deliver frontline telemarketing services. We have a focused list of telemarketing services that includes:

  • Business-To-Business (B2B) Telemarketing
  • Business-To-Consumer (B2C) Telemarketing
  • Interactive Voice Response Telemarketing

If your business needs our assistance then do contact us for detailed requirement analysis and customized telemarketing services for your organization. What makes us stand apart?

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  • 9 Contact Centers across the world
  • 7 Institutionary Affiliations
  • Multi-lingual call center facility
  • Ability to serve North American, European and Asia Pacific Market

We promise to be the stepping to your business success.

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